Monday, October 29, 2007

I am trying to get all my things in one place without a website. It's been fairly easy with all the new free services out there. Gmail has everything I need easily accessible through my email. I'm sure there are other ways, but I like everything in one place!

I have my sketch book set up in Picasa as well as the trees I did for Zen and my favorite, "Driftwood on Atlin beach" (hanging in my office- I look at it when I need to remember: I am an artist!)

The trees are hanging in Zen Restaurant in Juneau, AK. They are huge, approximately 5'8"x6', and they are Pastel on stretched canvas. Making pastels "drip" was no easy task! The drips look better in person.

The "Driftwood on Atlin Beach" was a project I did for my Advanced Image Manipulation class. I scanned the original photograph and a pastel drawing of it making a composite of them in PhotoShop. I then printed the composite as well as the original scans onto different types of paper and collaged them together. The effect is very cubist and I loved the way the handmade papers took the ink, but remained transparent when I added them to the collage. I hope to play more with this technique... I need to get my printer fixed or buy a new one first. I think I wore my printer out in school; it broke down a couple months after graduation! Hope you enjoy them *Julie

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