Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hi again!

I meant to post these with my first post... I am going to set up the full sketches in flickr (unless someone knows of a better place!) Some of these are from 2006, and I have edited my book and only put the "best" here. I also wanted to have a little process here; the trees (two per page) were studies for the trees I did for Zen. They are the oldest, so they are pretty smudged up. I love the looseness of the lines on the colored one and I tried to incorporate the graphic elements from the more detailed pencil drawings into the finals (the hatch marks and directional lines to delineate the different planes of the foreground and background). I will post the pics of the pieces I did for Zen later. Hope you enjoy my little slide show! Here is the link to the picasa album with the larger versions of my sketch book. Julie:)

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