Monday, December 10, 2007

The Mendenhall Glacier

For "Little things" I also thought of our glacier, the Mendenhall glacier in Juneau, Alaska. Glacial ice is pretty amazing, they put a chunk out in front of the vistor's center to show the tourists how the compact ice crystals are like a 3-d puzzle that you can pull apart as it melts. I am designing a t-shirt for a friend using the glacier as the main image... I put the logo style wording in for this post! It looks like I need to rotate it. I like off-kilter, but that might be a bit much.


Now I am up-to-date! Here is my concept for Illustration Friday's "Little Things." I heard a piece on NPR about Daimler's Smart car and they were test driving one. The reporter said that he was able to park it between the end of the curb and a big SUV; of course Hummer came to my mind!


Here is my rough sketch for last week's Illustration Friday topic "Excess." We had been experiencing a cold snap and it had been hovering aroung 20 degrees F. We dodn't have the snow (last year it was up to my waist by November 30), but I thought that I should combine the two excesses for this year and last.


I have been doing the Illustration Friday topics... I just haven't had it together enough to post them on time. So, here is "Hats" from two weeks ago. I had a picture of the hat scene from The Prestige where they find all the duplicate hats from Nikola Tesla's contraption (played by David Bowie; a foreshadowing of things to come). This was just a rough sketch of that basic concept (only with cute bunnies!).