Friday, April 06, 2012

New work! Copper Etching "Summer Cow Parsnip"

My first etching on copper, the second in my series of Cow Parsnip or Heracleum lanatum...

I love the image itself and will play with it in other ways - I'll share the deliciously graphic image that I came up with in PhotoShop later.  I'm working on a relief print of it right now with the idea that I will try to print the two together, or print the etching with embossing.

For this one the etchent wasn't strong enough, but I like the soft, glossy look of the polished copper (I didn't add tooth as suggested, which allows the shine to come through in the etching~). Once again, I'm not done with it; I'd like to play with ink colors a little more as well as layering with the final relief for next critique (which is on Tuesday... so I better get to work!).

Also, the UAS Juried Student Show will be up for the rest of the month at the JACC gallery... Check it out!!  I didn't realize they had an image of my etching on the JAHC site for the show... that's cool:)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Newest work - 2012

This is my "cow parsnip" or Heracleum lanatum semester, so I will be doing 4 different version of one of my favorite plants. This is aptly titled "Heracleum lanatum" and I'm very happy with how it turned out!

I, also did a smaller plate since we had so much time to work on this first project. I've wanted to do cards for a while so I did a smaller version of "Freshly Fallen" to try it out. The aquatint in the background did it's own thing, but it gives it a dark moody setting that works well. My favorite card is one that came out too light and I drew the lines in with a pen... I might try that "technique" again... & these may end up being my Xmas cards ;)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fall 2011 Semester

Well... I didn't post much for Fall 2011 Semester since much of what I was working on was personal (portraits), experimental (techniques), and didn't work the way I wanted them to.

The first one is a better scan of the "Centennial Hall Parking Lot" version for my "Parking Lots that were once my home" series.

The next ones are of Sierra (my son, Kanon's sister).  I wanted to do commemorative portraits from this last summer which was the first time they ever met.  She was 15 and he was 10, so it was a big deal.  They really loved each other and I hope they will stay in touch with each other for the rest of their lives~  The picture I used for Sierra's portrait was taken by Kanon soon after she arrived (so her eyes sparkle with the excitement of getting to meet him) and the picture of Kanon was the first picture taken with his sister (so he has a sheepish look on his face).  The frames are purposely elaborate and ornate to elevate them from regular portraits. As for the frames themselves, neither of them worked out like I wanted them to...  but I do love the portraits and will keep working on them to make them perfect!