Thursday, April 16, 2009

making due with what I've got...

I don't have a great camera... I was pretty disappointed with the quality of the pictures it takes after I bought it. The flash isn't good and it isn't consistent; sometimes the flash goes off sometimes it doesn't. And the shutter speed is REALLY slow. Enough complaining, though...

Despite the deficiencies of my camera, here are some cool pics I took the other day. I love the green and that spring is finally happening... and I love these curtains that I've had for years and am finally using! For someone who never liked flowers... I think I like flowers now (they are very well designed, by nature, and since I'm obsessed with design it makes sense - in my defense).

Sunday, April 12, 2009

small victories

Having a busy life can be so frustrating! I try my best to take care of things right away, but when difficulties arise, I only have so much time (during business hours) and energy before I have to move on.

Case in point: Two full months ago I decided I would figure out how to put a FAVICON on the website at work and on a friends I was working on... so, work said they didn't trust the code I had provided (I got it from a forum; perfectly valid). They have to be concerned for security, so understanding this, I decided I would put one on my site and prove that it was safe. When I tried to log in via ftp to do this, I was locked out of my web-hosting account. Many password resets later I still couldn't get in. This must have gone on for at least a week, when I had to abandon it for more pressing things. My friends had another friend put theirs on their site; mine (and work's ) were still default... until tonight! Yay for perseverance:) It was such a small, simple task and for life and technology to join forces to keep me from my goal... not cool. I can't believe how many dashboards my web-hosting co. has for my one tiny, tiny site... that was most of the battle. I finally found where my hosting log-in was located (and it wasn't very intuitive).

This just proves that I don't give up that easily(!!!!) Ha!