Saturday, March 07, 2009

next evolution of SOAR

This proves it... I'm always saying it's all over for me come Halloween. I have been crazy busy; going to school in the fall was a new thing for me and I'm not sure about taking "thinking classes" next fall. I'll probably take two art classes, instead:) I mean, if I'm going to shirk the repayment of student loans, I might as well enjoy myself. I have a lot of new art from last fall and this winter.

This one is a silkscreen interpretation of a sketch and digital illustration "Soar" I did for Illustration Friday... it's the evolution from media to media - I also started a pastel of it, but haven't finished it. This turned out very MESSY, but it was fun to experiment. I did the background as a speedball reduction, the "airstreams" behind the birds were cut paper and I used an ink extender to make the ink transparent (it didn't work perfectly, but I think it is a good representation of the look I wanted). I did an embossing for the "wave" patterns down below, and the birds are photo-emulsion. I did a frame that was photo-emulsion that broke down, so less then half ended up with that screen and only one of them turned out (shown here).