Sunday, September 28, 2008

2 of 4 colors...

I had a really productive class last Thursday... but I forgot to bring home examples! Here is one from two weeks ago. It now has the third color (indigo/purple) on it, after last week. I will do a black screen over it to add some details on the "tram/pagoda." I might try to add some detail to the Mt as well, but I don't want it to get too busy!

I also did a rainbow pull that turned out really cool. I used silver, white, lt blue, and lt lilac and it looked like the moon! Then I printed the bear and waterfall from the Ak quarter, because I was working through my process for a project at work (that probably will go to the wayside... :( unless I can think of a way to use it!) The best things that I have learned in this class is: don't expect perfection, enjoy the happy accidents, and try new things to cut-down on starting over. When the bear's ink started bleeding I would turn the screen and pull from a different direction... I wasn't able to save all the moons, but Dianne says I might be able to print a black "drop-shadow" to cover the bad spots.

Friday, September 12, 2008

mt roberts

I drew a picture of the Tram on a very misty night and it was the inspiration for this marker drawing that I am then going to interpret into a silk-screen print. I forget what our teacher called it, a block-out build or something. We are using screen-block and painting it on the screen with the lightest color showing being printed first, on the bottom, then we will block out the areas we want to stay the lightest, next lightest and so-on... it is really messy and fun, and even if it isn't perfect, that is the point. It is really nice not zooming 300x's to work on something (I like things to look perfect at 300%!(?) It gets worse the longer I work on a design). I miss doing "hand work", it is so rewarding to see the happy accidents happen:)

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

old sketches

I was looking for some free space in my old sketch books... none! But I did come across some great quick sketches that I did in school. Some times, some days you've just got it... other times it just doesn't come. I hadn't had a drawing class in more then four years, and was getting back into the grove! I think I had it with these; jonesing for figure drawing... of course this model was good; I have a great longer pose of her that is too big to scan at home.

Sunday, September 07, 2008


I'm way overloaded... but if I can devote some time to my printmaking class, I will be extremely happy! Here is the first thing we've done... a paper cut screen print. I need to work on registration, but it was fun to give it a over-achiever shot with four-colors. It is a nasturtium vine... they are everywhere here this year. I don't remember seeing so many here before, but I love them! So bright, happy, and overgrown during a very bleak summer.