Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hi all!

I have been sticking with my sketching and have even sucked it up and started attending life drawing sessions at the Ruby Room ( if you are interested). I thought I would be intimidated, because many of the people there are professional artist. My goal is to get serious enough to be considered "professional," so I need to put myself out there more. I went to school with some of the people there and have worked with others, so I didn't feel out of my element... it was good to get some serious drawing in. The figure is so different then objects, there is so much more to pay attention to and so much more personality and mood that comes out when you draw the human body. The model was very good and she had really long graceful arms and really pretty lines. I had nothing but good angles... I hate it when you get stuck with the worst views of the poses, but this was not a full circle were someone gets the back or what have you. So, I think everyone had good angles.

I am trying to get my supervisor to come, and she seems excited. She was wondering if there was a lot of discussion about technique, etc... there wasn't we were all pretty focused. I always get like that. I transport myself to another place. I have always done that. That is why I like night classes, because I like to walk out under cover of darkness... I guess that way the spell doesn't get broken:)

Here are the longer sketched I did. I ran out of large paper, which I prefer to work on, and did these in my little 5.5"X8.5" sketch book. I used pencils rather then charcoal, and you can see how tight my style is when I work like that. I am much looser and can get my compositions laid out better on large paper... I need to get to the art supply store. Julie:)

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