Friday, April 06, 2012

New work! Copper Etching "Summer Cow Parsnip"

My first etching on copper, the second in my series of Cow Parsnip or Heracleum lanatum...

I love the image itself and will play with it in other ways - I'll share the deliciously graphic image that I came up with in PhotoShop later.  I'm working on a relief print of it right now with the idea that I will try to print the two together, or print the etching with embossing.

For this one the etchent wasn't strong enough, but I like the soft, glossy look of the polished copper (I didn't add tooth as suggested, which allows the shine to come through in the etching~). Once again, I'm not done with it; I'd like to play with ink colors a little more as well as layering with the final relief for next critique (which is on Tuesday... so I better get to work!).

Also, the UAS Juried Student Show will be up for the rest of the month at the JACC gallery... Check it out!!  I didn't realize they had an image of my etching on the JAHC site for the show... that's cool:)

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