Sunday, April 10, 2011

Willoughby St. (Channel Apts)

First in the series of four "Parking Lots That Were Once My
Homes"...  It's the first etching, but it was the 2nd one that I live in after we moved back from CA in 1979.

This one was on the big corner on Willoughby.  3rd and 4th grade... use to walk up the stairs to Capital School.  We would play in the SOB parking garage - climbing up the sides and jumping off the top into the snow they would (and still do) pile up along the outside.  We all ran wild back then...  it was a smaller and safer town, but we could always find trouble if we looked hard enough!  Life further "out the road" was much different and running wild changed a lot when we moved to Lemon Creek when I was in 6th grade.  It meant running through the woods and playing near the creek since there really wasn't anything that was close enough or interesting enough to walk to.

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