Tuesday, April 15, 2008

a little break:)

I am still here! I finished up my Art & Technology class and life has been rolling ever since... so I haven't had time or the internet to blog. Since I last posted... I turned 37; moved; will be moving again (I can take my time this time); became a single mother (!); got deathly ill (103-104 degree temps)... I don't really like change. I really don't like being at the mercy of change, but it is easier to relax into it then it is to fight it. It comes whether your ready or not, I guess. I need to set up a place in my new place to do my art work... I think I have a spot. Then I will start blogging again, in earnest!

oops... the title should be "a little break" not "a little bread"! I need to improve my proof-reading skills :)

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