Thursday, April 17, 2008

bursting with creativity!

I have been going crazy! I need art:) I have all these things swirling through my head... Decorating (but I have no money). I am in love with this modern room from Domino Magazine; it has a grass green velvet chair and lighter yellow-green textural curtains (not shown below) with pops of red and fushia (I am not a pink person, either, it just works with that green!). There is also a huge ebony statue of a stag. It is really whimsical... I want a whimsical space! Good thing my space is small; I won't have to spend much to decorate! I have this page open on my desk so I can look at it longingly and it seems to help negate all the ugly rain (and 12 inches of snow this morning). I just look at that room and it is my cocoon of spring time yummy color.
Here is the link to the Domino page.

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