Thursday, September 01, 2011

One more Second Saturday Market... Sept 10th @ Airport Mall P/L

I haven't been consistent with my posting...mostly I post on Facebook, but I'm trying to post all my art related here, too! I have spent the Summer checking out the "markets" and trying my hand at selling my prints... it has been a success!  I'm always amazed when someone "finds" my work and falls in love with something.  It is a fun process to watch!  And I'm thankful to everyone who has fallen in love with something and taken it home, it is great validation to know I'm not the only one who like these creations!~

These are images from August Second Saturday Market... one more Second Saturday Market is coming up on Sept 10th @ the parking lot of the Airport Mall! It's organized by Home Spun Mercantile, an awesome arts and crafts consignment shop (behind Donna's, next to Curves); they are there year-round... On Sept 10 come check out all the fun crafts, art, food, produce, etc ~and wish for nice weather!

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