Saturday, May 10, 2008


I found these frogs I did... it was after graduation when I started getting my "desire" to sketch again. It's funny, because I rarely sketched in school except for assignments, like for comps and concept drawings. I do have a handful of misc drawings that got into the mix. I guess I felt like I might use up my creativity and not be able to perform... I'm glad that is not the case. I have been more productive in my personal and private artwork since I've had my full-time creative job; it's actually a huge relief to know that the spring still flows and for the most part I don't get "creative-blocks" that I can't get around (so far).

I love how I did little circles, gestures really, for the large frogs toes... I can never plan things like that, it's just nice when it works out.

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Teri said...

Love your frogs very much. In response to your question, the UAS student art show was taken down. I will try to get the pears on my blog soon so you can see them.