Wednesday, March 05, 2008

my website (?!!)

I'm sooooo excited:) My website will be done in just a couple of months! It has been years in the coming... I am finally taking a class at UAS and learning a lot and getting a lot out of it. Colleen Mckenna is really great and knows her stuff.

Here are two screen shots; I will post the link when I get them all done and choose a web server. I am not a flowery person, so I'm sure this site will change when I get tired of the flowers. The flowers are from a sketch I did in 2006, so maybe I will change it up with another sketch that I will develop and then I can do that every 6 months or a year. Yes, it will be a site with an identity crisis... But the navigation and content will stay consistent (I know not to alienate people... but I've got "itchy designer" syndrome.

I'm also just putting my slideshow up until I can find the time to do a really well designed flash gallery. I could do a poorly designed one using PhotoShop, but I would rather take the time and get it right... So, I'm cheating for now.

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