Sunday, March 09, 2008

IF "garden"

I am using my old illustrations like modular building blocks... oh what fun:) I have (obviously) been in love with these flowers (they are all over my web-site)... and these green garden illustrations fit the bill for this weeks Illustration Friday theme to the tee; my container "garden." I killed two birds with one stone and worked on this in class this last Saturday. We are making artist trading cards to trade with one another; very fun, I can't wait... maybe I will scan my favorite to share next week!


Anonymous said...

I love those flowers! So happy, colorful and fun! Thanks! (and thank you as well for the comment!)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for visiting my website. I really like your Blog and design in your "Garden" illo for IF. Nice work.

aizen marina said...

Hello Julie!
You have so much blogs! and so much inspiration!...
Did you hear about "Fileteado Porteño", it is a decorative style from Buenos Aires, my city, and my grand father, León Untroib was a master professor on this.
Unfortunately, I coudn´t learn so much from him, but I learn from a student, who is a talented teacher and artist nowadays.
I really loved your design!
Thanks for passing by my blog.
I hope you find some inspiration for your work from "Fileteado Porteño" (you can put this words on google, and something will appear...)
Good luck and thanks!
I love giraffes too!

Willie Baronet said...

Nice work, Julie. ;-)