Saturday, February 23, 2008

becoming an illustrator?

My last post brought up some thoughts about where I see myself going with my career. I love being a working graphic designer, but I see the limitations looming ahead of me. We just aren't valued unless we bring something else to the table. Employers want to get two positions filled for the price of one and it is like that all over. The jobs that pay well want way more then the extra money is worth. I see all kinds of jobs in different cities and towns that pay $5,000 - $7,000 more/year then what I make now, but that money would barely cover my moving expenses and daycare expenses (I would loose the Grandparent's, thankfully, free daycare). And these jobs want more education and experience then they are really worth. The ones that sound the best to me are the ones that won't have a lot of room to move up in; I went to school so that I could be happy in my profession and that is VERY important to me. If we have to spend 30% of our lives at work (is that the correct percentage?... I think we spend 30% working and 30% sleeping; I spend more then 30% working, though) I am determined to be happy!

So, I think that doing illustration as a free-lancer sounds like the best way to supplement my income... I do it anyway, on my own, because I love to do it! So...

I don't see myself ever being an illustrator of the caliber of the ones featured in 3x3 Magazine, but looking at what great illustrators are doing helps me to put my own talents into perspective and to know what I love to look at and what I enjoy working on. When I think of "illustration" I think tedious... so I need to change my perceptions about it. I'm still figuring all that out, and trying to figure out how to turn what I consider playing into making a living. I just have too many "good ideas" that I get excited about and then they just fizzle out. The best ideas seem to take money to get started, and if I had the money to get started, I wouldn't need to branch out. Although, I must say, that I am not as money motivated as I am driven to create. I just need to figure out how to do one while doing the other!

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