Thursday, January 10, 2008

back to school...

I have been busy at work and busy signing up for school... I have to go back to school so I can get an in-school deferment for my student loans- I've used up all my other deferments and forbearances :( And since there are classes at UAS that will benefit my career and my art, I decided to at least make the attempt. Now we will see if they will give me anymore money for school! I am especially excited about the John Fehringer classes (I registered for Art and Technology). I love his work and really want to see what his process is as a designer. Looking at his site it looks like he is doing all web design. I've heard he doesn't do air-brush at all any more and works exclusively in digital format; I can see how you could go that route, although I really like doing hands-on hand-work. I will post about all the exciting things I learn! Julie

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